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Benefits of Spirulina

Kweekbakken voor spirulina in afrika

Spirulina is a micro-algae rich in beta carotene to overcome eye problems caused by Vitamin A deficiency and the most digestible protein food with B-vitamin complex, a major nutritional improvement in infants diets.

Spirulina is the only food source, except mother's milk, containing substantial amounts of an essential fatty acid, GLA, which helps regulate the entire hormone system.


Spirulina tegen ondervoeding

Spirulina oogst in Chad

Each day, 40.000 children die of malnutrition and related diseases.
Spirulina offers remarkable health benefits to an undernourished person and it is a suitable, risk-free food for children according to the UN World Health Organization (WHO).


Spirulina als rijke voedingsbron

Spirulina is especially important for malnourished people whose intestines can no longer absorb nutrients effectively.
Clinical studies have shown it helps rebuild healthy intestinal flora.
One tablespoon a day can eliminate iron anemia, the most common mineral deficiency.
Children find the taste of this green food acceptable.
One tablespoon a day mixed with water brings remarkable results: within a week children begin to show signs of health improvement and gain weight.
Overall, Spirulina is an excellent food for the rapid recovery of children from malnutrition related diseases in Togo, Rwanda, Zaire, and other developing countries.

Bron : UN World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland. Correspondance. June 8, 1993

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